Cloud Infrastructure Engineer


We have recently opened our office in Berlin and are looking for another engineer to strengthen Avidity’s global infrastructure team. The team manages the cloud infrastructure of all our projects - including infrastructure design, implementation, maintenance, and monitoring as well as aiding the developers with, for example, Docker container configurations.

We are a specialized software development company with offices in Berlin, Stockholm, and Porto Alegre, Brazil. We have been active since 2012 and our customers are other tech companies that we help with special expertise or assist in projects that they do not have time for themselves. We have customers in various areas such as edtech, digital signage, transportation, events, and e-commerce.

An example of things we have helped our customers with is adapting a legacy train scheduling platform and fully containerizing the production environment with CI/CD pipelines on Azure. We use agile approaches such as clear stakeholders, run planning, peer review of technical design and code. Retro sessions are also something we bring to our customers to make sure we keep learning and perfecting our processes. We adapt to our customers’ needs and learn from their experiences, just as they do from ours.

What you’ll get to do

Some of the techniques and tools you get to work with

Since Avidity has employees in Sweden, Germany and Brazil, technical support is fundamental for an efficient and transparent development process. Slack, case management, support for peer reviews, digital whiteboards, version control (git) are key tools in our daily work. Some of our projects place specific demands on tools, but our starting point is that you as an engineer get to choose the hardware, operating system, editor/IDE and environment that suits you best and that gives you the conditions to be as efficient as possible.

For this role you will specifically get to work with

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What's next?

If you feel you're a good fit for joining our team in this role, please get in touch with us! Send your GitHub user profile, your LinkedIn profile and/or some samples of your work and we’ll get back to you.

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