Our work

For almost a decade, Avidity has delivered high-quality software. Check out some of our clients and the applications we helped them build.


Online Learning Platform

Client:Promote International, Sweden

  • Ruby/Rails, PostgreSQL, Docker
  • Full stack web development
  • Devops support

Avidity and Promote have joined forces as an integrated team in 2012. We have helped with all aspects of application development - from building the Ruby on Rails application, its frontend and CI/CD pipelines to development processes and routines and technical leadership and decision-making.

Learn what Promote has to say about Avidity's collaboration.

Integration with Norwegian Bankgiro

Client:Tickster, Sweden

  • C#/.NET
  • ISO20022 message parsing

Avidity helped Tickster developing an integration with Bankgiro, a Norwegian bank clearing system. This enables Tickster's Norwegian customers to pay directly through their online bank.

By using Avidity, Tickster's own development team could focus on their core development needs, while we ensured this feature was designed, developed and tested.

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for Profile Merchandise

Client:FF Profilreklam, Sweden

  • Python/Django, JavaScript
  • RabbitMQ, PostgreSQL
  • CI/CD, Jenkins, AWS

Avidity designed and developed a web-based ERP system for the profile merchandise company FF Profilreklam. The new system, Engage, replaced a handful of old system and manual processes, enabling all staff to be contribute to a successful order.

The system includes order and supply management, invoicing, sales support and a complete product database coupled with a logo application tool that allows previewing the entire product catalogue by placing a customer's logotype and text over product images.

Engage is an ERP system developed specifically for the profile merchandise company FF Profilreklam.


Here’s a sample of the technologies we worked with over the last couple of years: